Best of 2019: fka twigs — “MAGDALENE”

Welcome to Beet Knife’s Best of 2019. We’ll be sharing a favorite release from one of the artists we work with every day for the month of December. Today’s feature was selected by Beet Knife PR person & blog editor Erin Bensinger.

fka twigs is an absolute visionary and, frankly, we don’t deserve her or her art. Her 2019 avant-pop release MAGDALENE is a perfect 10 in every category: composition, production, lyrics, emotional appeal, visuals, drama, storytelling, biblical allusions, body horror. There are so many gems on this record, but here are some choice moments: the seamless movement from delicate vulnerability to screeching intensity and back again on “home with you”; the ingenious sample use on “holy terrain“; and, of course, the video for “cellophane.” *chef’s kiss*

MAGDALENE is available as of November 8, 2019 on Young Turks.

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