Best of 2019: Hinds — “Riding Solo”

Welcome to Beet Knife’s Best of 2019. We’ll be sharing a favorite release from one of the artists we work with every day for the month of December. Today’s feature was selected by Becca Zarras of First Responders.

Just when I though I was lost in the fog of entitled, shitty male musicians, Hinds comes to the rescue once again! A beacon of light to lead us into 2020, the Spanish quartet’s newest single, “Riding Solo,” is one to add to your “starred” playlist. With their usual witty lyrics combined with heavy drums and bass, you’ll find yourself head banging along in no time. Hinds inspired me to start playing music. To start a band. To share my voice as a woman. I had the chance to see them live. I moshed for the first time in a predominately femme pit and it was fucking awesome.

And, as a special bonus, there is a music video, which features runway fashions in a desert climate backdropped with a burning mattress. Enough said.

Riding Solo” is available as of December 3, 2019 on Lucky Number.

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