Best of 2019: The Japanese House — “Follow My Girl”

Welcome to Beet Knife’s Best of 2019. We’ll be sharing a favorite release from one of the artists we work with every day for the month of December. Today’s feature was selected by Beet Knife PR person & blog editor Erin Bensinger.

Early this year, singer-songwriter Amber Bain aka The Japanese House put out an incredible (and incredibly underrated) electro-dream-pop record titled Good at Falling. My favorite track, “Follow My Girl,” has every element of a good pop song: self-loathing, sapphic desire, a catchy hook, and a horn solo. Amber Bain’s lyricism is understated but impacts me so deeply — the line “I am self-dividing and I have no limit / I can’t fix it, it’s not right” hits like a gut punch every damn time.

(Full disclosure: the track was the second single off the album, and it technically dropped in November of 2018, but the album itself came out in March of this year and it didn’t make its way to my radar until shortly thereafter so I’m counting it for 2019.)

Good at Falling by The Japanese House is out on Dirty Hit as of March 1, 2019.

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