Suck City — “Talk / Snooty” Track Reviews

The two-track teaser signals the band’s new direction in the form of a five-minute egg-punk sucker punch

Kalamazoo DIY slacker-rockers Suck City released two new tracks in mid-August as part of a tour tape with Grand Rapids friends Choral Reef.

The tape begins with “Talk,” a quick and powerful endorphin rush of a song. It features repetitive riffs and sudden bursts of crunch and fuzz, mimicking the circles paced by a frenzied, anxious mind. At its most intense moments, vocalist Evan Asher shouts a simple request: “Hey / don’t talk / to me / that way,” leading the track into an absolute spiral before adding “it makes me feel so sick!” In its final few seconds, it melts down into a mess of fuzz and feedback before reviving its refrain and stopping cold.

Before you know it, you’re barreling into the second cut: “Snooty.” Beginning with a rapid drum rhythm and meticulously-placed feedback, the track quickly launches into a serious of halting, angular guitar melodies; they ascend in intensity until they reach a peak as Evan brings in the lyrics once again: “Patience is a virtue / but I was never really given a chance / always getting caught in my head.” Headed downhill, the song slows and slows until drummer Dan Riehl leads it into something of a breakdown and revives it again to repeat the cycle. After its second movement, the track devolves into noise, letting a few sliding, delayed notes ring out and fade. 

It’s an exciting new chapter for the relatively new outfit, and we’re beyond excited to hear where they take it next. 

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